Kamis, 05 Maret 2015

Victorian Corinthian Columm Base Oil Lamp with Matching Shade

One example of Victorian Corinthian column base oil lamp at Bonhams auction of international.

The next extra ordinary set up for sale is this Victorian Oil lamp with Corinthian Column base. The set was made arround 1880s in their heyday which the Victorian style and pattern distributed everywhere to the 6 continents worldwide. This set of oil lamp came with blown glass oil lamp font, fitted with old glass chimney and alaso comes with later added on oil lamp shade in the same pattern with the base. The extraordinary things about this set is that the column got the leaf pattern which is rarely happens in the Victorian Corinthian column base. The lamp total height is 64cm with the column height of 24cm. True collector pieces and will be a point of attraction in every home.

Price : SOLD to Middle East

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