Kamis, 05 Maret 2015

The Ottoman Glass Cobalt Blue Compote 28cm

The Ottoman glass might not ring any bells to the collectors world wide but they were one of the most precious and one of the rarest glass the World has recorded . Ottoman Empire was one of the largest Empire the world has ever seen. They were spread from the Asia, Middle East to Europe. And they were one of the richest Islamic country in their time. This royal blue glass compote is one of the evidence that those civilization does exist. Its diameter is 28cm across, 13cm tall and still in the perfect shape and condittion including their white enamel decoration which they learn from the Venetian glass which at one time was their region too. This compote is made arround 1890-1900s era, and is a very very collectible items for true collectors and glass lover.

Price : SOLD to Middle East

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