Jumat, 06 Maret 2015

The Art Nouveau Sculpture Lamp Of A Winged Woman (Egyptian Goddess Of Light)

The Art Nouveau period pieces will always make a statement to any house and to any antique collectors worldwide as they were short lived between 1895-1908 only before the Industrial Machine era and the World War I period. However the Art Nouveau early electric sculpture lamp are priced highly in the world of collectors, Why? As the electric era replaced the use of Kerosene lamp their surviving pieces are rarely seen especially in such perfect and delicate condittion. This Winged Woman Sculpture Lamp are just one of a very few left in the world, its actually a Egyptian Goddess of Light sculpture made using a French Spelter stand on a black marble base completed with an Art Nouveau etched glass shade that have the exact same pattern! Now thats something that we do not see very often. The total height of the lamp is 46cm, the sculpture alone with the base stand 31cm tall and is in a perfect condittion after 115 years of use as the lamp was made arround 1900s.
Very highly Collectible and Sought after piece of Art.

Price : SOLD to Middle East

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