Minggu, 08 Maret 2015

Monumental German Opaque Glass Oil Lamp Signed 3 July 1879

One of our very first monumental oil lamp that we collect during our 9 years of career was this monumental German made Opaque glass oil lamp. This true magnificent oil lamp is in a perfect condittion and was standing in our very private office daily within the past 9 years. The extraordinary things about this lamp is that on the alpacca metal based is carved with the date 3 July 1879 in Dutch. On our professional opinion the lamp was made around 1860s and made its way to Dutch East Indies and was given to someone at that 3 July 1879. However this magnificent lamp has its original cased glass 27.5cm shade with its original brass fitting and was electrified by us 9 years ago. The total height of this lamp is 85cm to the top of the chimney, 81cm to the top of the brass crown of the cased glass shade and the base alpacca metal diameter is 20cm with the height of the opaque glass base stands 42cm tall.
Truly perfection that will catch any person attention in any places.
Very rare and fine example of German oil lamp!

Price : SOLD to Middle East

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