Sabtu, 07 Maret 2015

Green Opaline Glass Flaççon Set Of The French Third Monarch

This next Opaline glass Vanity set is another masterpiece of our Galery for almost 10 years. They were purchased on our trip to Paris on 2006 which actually belongs to the Last French Royal Family. They were made by Baccarat in 1840s and coloured in green Opaline. Why is that French Opaline glass so expensive and also very rare in the world. The true opaline glass are only made in French during the period of 1820 - 1870s and it was the iconic to the world as they were copied by Bohemian, british and Venetian. But nothing has ever come close. It contains very high level of lead which make them a Demy Crystal and the true Opaline glass only comes is few colours including blue, green, white and the rarest of all pink. This vanity set numbered perfectly to match the lid and the bottle as they were fully mouth blown with the decoration simple yet very Imperial. Nothing of our other set has ever come close. The size of the bottle is 21cm tall to the top of the lid, 9.5cm diameter, the middle part of jewelry trinket sized 15.5cm tall with the diameter 11.5cm.
A state of Quality that only belongs to the Royal Family!

Price : SOLD to Middle East

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