Kamis, 05 Maret 2015

French Renaissance Guard Spelter Figural Oil Lamp

Something original and rare has always been worth to collect. This set of Bronzed Spelter figural oil lamp was made in French in 1880s with and object figural of Renaissance guard holding a rare Blue Optic glass oil lamp font fitted with acid etched cut glass shade which was fully mouth blown in the process of making. Spelter is a type of alloy which was primarily known as "the white metal" and has been used for many object d'art in French since 1860s - 1930s.
The Blue Optic Glass oil lamp font is so pretty with the imperfection mark shown in the picture above which is an original factory flaws and is very tolerable considered that it was made 130 years ago. The set comes complete with glass chimney and also still using a kerosene and can be modified without any trouble at all. The total height of the set is 66cm to the top of the chimney, and the height of the Bronzed spelter figural base is 29cm.
This set is hard to come by and is in a perfect condittion.
Collector items!

Price : SOLD to Middle East

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