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Early 19th century Thai (Siam) Bencharong ware set of 5 (museum quality)

Sometimes in the world of Collecting Top End Antiques there are so little stuff that can be called as Museum pieces...

But these immaculate set was something different than any other that we've come so far. There was so little information that we could get about this immaculate set, all we know was it belongs to Old Siamese Kingdom as part of the Imperial trade to Chinese Javanese Peranakan in Indonesia.

But nothing more until we've come into some detailed information about these set which was made in Siam under the order of the Immaculate King Rama II during the period 1809-1824 and there were 2 types of these ware, 1 was made in Jingdezhen China for the Siamese market and the second one were made in Siam for the use of the Imperial Family in Thailand.

The name of Bencharong originaly means Five Colours and on the early pieces like these set, the decorations were tends to be simpler not as  crowded as the second period during the reign of King Rama V. 

The whole set were belongs to an old collectors which we acquired, it was in mint 99% condition apart from the crackle glaze and the missed enameled firing process which is normally fine for these immaculate set.

The largest dish is 25cm in diameter and the smallest is 15 cm with 17.5, 20, and 22.5cm in between and it stands 30cm tall when it is stacked together as Lotus compotes.

Some antiques are not meant to be collected only... It should belongs to a private owned museum... nothing less...

Article tentang bencharong ware yang kami temukan di NSW Art Gallery

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