Sabtu, 07 Maret 2015

Sevres Blue Opaline Gilded Glass Decanter With Matching Stopper

Have you ever wondered what is that attractive blue glass when you once find them somewhere? It was the French that first invented them in 1820s and it was peaked produced in the French Third Monarch Period during Emperor Napoleon III of France. It is actually the blue Opaline glass that is called Demi Crystal as the glass itself contained a high level of Lead and makes the Opaline glass very heavy. There are 3 major producer of Opaline glass during this period, Baccarat, sevres and Clichy. However this very fine example of gilded blue opaline decanter was very much made by Sevres as the decoration of the decanter is Fleur de Lys which was the symbol of the French Monarch since the Merovingian Dynasty. This very fine piece of Opaline glass is completed with its lid that is made with the same pattern of Fleur de Lys etched blown glass. The decanter sized 27.5cm to the top of the lid, 21cm without the lid and its diameter is 11.5cm and still in a perfect condittion despite that the decanter was made in early 1840s.
True collectors item only!

Price : SOLD to Middle East

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