Senin, 09 Maret 2015

Pair Of Bohemian Enameled Opaline Glass Vases 1860s

In the world of Antiquities our passion always lies in collecting any sort of art glass from many different Countries from the Primitive old glass, Victorian Art glass, opaline glass to the Art Deco Glass. Our beloved collection of all will always be Opaline glass, they are rare, expensive and very eye catching. This pair of vases was is not the French Opaline Glass however, they are Bohemian Opaline glass which is slightly thinner than the original French. The opaline glass was copied by many countries including the British, and yet the closest of all is Bohemian Opaline. This pair of vases is 22cm tall with the combination of fired enameled with a rough pontil marks underneath. The rough pontil marks was another indication of a glass produced before 1880s in Europe let alone Victorian Glass which has a rough pontil marks until around 1900s. This pair of vases is one example of a very rare glass vase that does not come very often and is very collectible! These vases was Bohemian made around 1860s which was the pinnacle production period of Bohemian Opaline glass.

Price : SOLD to Middle East

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